What is the deal with this blog?

I had originally written out a post to the tune of "LOL, BLOGGING, IDK WHAT TO SAY" as a placeholder first blog post. Then I realized that I actually have a lot of things to say. Some of them will be insightful, while others will be shallow. Most of them will probably be at least a little funny—or that's the goal, anyway. I'm doing this because I think it will be fun to write, but I also really hope others find it fun to read.

Here is a completely non-comprehensive list of the kinds of musings you might find here, hopefully starting next week:

  • 5 everyday UX nightmares that inspire rage
  • How not to be exploited by cognitive dissonance
  • Why Tinder is so goddamn brilliant
  • Feminism v. frat boy tech culture
  • How will we pay for things in 25 years?
  • Waiting tables: lessons in empathy, altruism, and social perception
  • Logical fallacies are eviscerating your persuasiveness
  • Intuition v. delight in UX—where do we draw the line?
  • The respective niches of Spotify, Pandora, 8tracks, and other music streaming services

Stay tuned!