Hey there. Thanks for stopping by.

I'm a UX designer living in working in Seattle. I like to think of myself as an analytical mind with a creative output. Translating the nuanced needs of businesses and consumers into elegant user experiences is where I thrive. 

Right now, I work within Deloitte Consulting on a small studio team that specializes in data visualization and analytics. When our clients have issues making decisions from their data, I team up with data scientists, developers, and subject matter experts to understand the problem and produce dashboards and other custom tools that help facilitate faster, better business decisions. In addition to this data and analytics work, I seize opportunities to support consumer-facing application design projects when possible.

Outside of work, I can be found embracing high amounts of objective hazard skiing and mountain biking, working on my camper van conversion, or overpaying for small batch beer.

Explore my portfolio, check out my resume,  or reach out to learn more.